You might be the lucky one who just signed an agreement with your contractor to do a major renovation to a part of your house. It’s time for you to make the next important decision. Whether you live in or move out while the construction work is going on. It’s true that you get to monitor the whole process if you choose to live in. In fact, most people pack up all their belongings and move into an area of the house that is not under construction if they choose to live in. Take this advice. Do not let the whole live-in trend fool you. There are so many advantages of moving out but unfortunately most people don’t realize it until it’s too late.

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If you choose to live in you would have to deal with the unbearable noise and dust all day long. Not only it gets messy but also there is a big chance for you to get sick many times because of the uncontrollable dust. Living through the renovation project can be very tiring as there wouldn’t be an end to cleaning. Living in is hardly even an option if you have kids, as paying attention to studies would be very hard.  By moving out you will be able to live comfortably without any interference. A hotel, a family home or an apartment can be considered as options when moving out. Visit for more apartments to choose.

If the construction takes fairly a long period of time moving to a hotel is not advisable as hotel bills can be very expensive. In that case you can check on comfortable stay apartments for rent. This way, you will be guaranteed to have a pleasant and comfortable stay while your house is being renovated.

By moving out you can make the project’s time line much shorter. Although you might not realize, moving out could be potentially cheaper than living in, as the project wouldn’t get dragged unnecessarily.  Most people think that living in the vicinity is important while a renovation is going on, as the whole process can be monitored, but, it’s way more exciting if you move in once the renovation work is completed. That would make you feel like you have loved in to a new house. Not to mention, how adventurous it can be to live outside your home for a short period of time. Due to safety and timeline concerns, projects such as roof remodelling, wood flooring, tiling and major mould removal requires moving out.

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